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Other Products & Services

The Berkshire Bank offers customers a variety of products and services to cater to their many banking needs.  From checking to savings, from mortgages to loans, for business or personal customers we are the Bank that puts your interests first.  Please review our additional products and services and let us know how we can assist you. 

ATM Card

Bank by Mail

Berk Bill Pay


Combined Statements

Consulate Letters
Debit Cards

Foreign Exchange

Online Banking

Remote Deposit Now
Safe Deposit Box
iTalk Telephone Banking

ATM Card

An ATM Card allows a customer to withdraw, or transfer money at The Berkshire Bank Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) or at any NYCE/Cirrus ATM for withdrawals, transfers and inquiries - 24 hours a day.  Please contact us to find out more. For a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card please call 1-800-528-2273.

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Bank by Mail

Berkshire Bank customers may transact much of their business with The Berkshire Bank by mail. Bank by Mail offers convenience and speed for transactions that include:

  • Deposits and withdrawals from all types of accounts.
  • Additions to Certificates of Deposit at maturity.
  • Renewall of certificates.
  • Loan payments.
  • Address changes.

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Berk Bill Pay

Berk Bill Pay offers completely secure, 24 x 7 bill payment capabilities from the comfort of your computer, or any computer that has Internet access and is available for individuals or businesses.

Some of the features you will enjoy with Berk Bill Pay include:

  • Securely pay anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Funds deducted on the date the payment is due, for most payments.
  • Receive electronic bills (ebills) in your email box from over 370 billers.
  • Most payments can be made on the same day or the next day.
  • 24 X 7 X 365 toll free customer service.
  • No stamps to buy, no envelopes to lick.
  • Convenient payment tracking - shows how your bills are paid.
  • Guaranteed privacy & security - your information is protected and your payments are 100% guaranteed to be delivered on time, every time.

If you have any questions about Berk Bill Pay, we invite you to contact one of our knowledgeable staff members, or simply stop by one of our friendly branches for additional details. For more information, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a BerkOnline® online banking account you can click on the ‘Berk Bill Pay’ tab and enroll when you next login.

To take advantage of Berk Bill Pay you must have a BerkOnline®, online banking account. To sign up to BerkOnline®, simply print and complete the BerkOnline® Application and Agreement forms and return both to your branch for processing. (You will need to download Adobe Reader to open and print these forms.)

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A collection is a safe, convenient way to have funds transferred from another bank or a foreign country for deposit to an account with The Berkshire Bank.  This saves time and effort.  Proceeds from these collections may be credited to an existing account or a new account. You may be eligible if you are:

  • A new or existing customer.
  • An employee whose company has relocated to our area.
  • Persons or business with international dealing.A customer with an account at another financial institution.Return to Top

Combined Statements

The Combined Statement service allows checking account customers to receive one convenient, monthly statement listing all of their accounts with The Berkshire Bank. Eligible accounts include checking and either a certificate of deposit, a savings account or a money market account.  Combined accounts must have the same title and social security number to be linked.

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Consulate Letters

Contact us if you need a consulate letter attesting to your accounts(s), titles of account(s), current balances(s) opening dates(s) and recent deposit and withdrawal activity.  The letter is signed by a Bank Officer and then, if necessary, notarized.

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Debit Cards

Our customers can bank 24 Hours a Day with a MasterCard® debit card/ATM card. Whether customers are traveling domestically or internationally, they can access their available account balance. Customers can use their Berkshire Bank MasterCard debit card wherever MasterCard is accepted.  It can also be used at ATM machines worldwide. For a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card please call 1-800-528-2273.

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Foreign Exchange*

Save time and money by ordering your Euros or Shekels from The Berkshire Bank before (and after) you travel. Purchase your foreign currency at one of our designated branches where the strength and reputation for fair exchange is readily available.  Exchange of Euros and Shekels are also available for returning travelers. 




Currency                  Buy                    Sell                



Israeli Shekel

ILS 3.6971   

ILS 3.2824 


* For 100 Euros you pay $118.86

  * For 100 Shekels you pay $30.47

       View Locations Tab for availability. 




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Online Banking
We understand how valuable your time is.  With BerkOnline®, our state of the art online banking system, you have the power to bank from anywhere in the world.  Order checks, check your balances, sign up for e-Statements, conduct Bank to Bank Transfers, set up regular email alerts, and so much more.  With BerkOnline® your account information is never more than a mouse click away.  Here are just some of the many services offered through BerkOnline®:




  • e-Statements
  • Check Ordering
  • Download Transactions
  • Automatic E-mail Alerts 




To take advantage of our online banking services you must first of all have a BerkOnline®, online banking account. To sign up to BerkOnline®, simply print and complete the BerkOnline® Application and Agreement forms and return both to your branch for processing.  (You will need to download Adobe Reader to open and print these forms.) 




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Remote Deposit Now




Remote Deposit Capture is a secure service that allows you to scan paper checks from your desktop and electronically send the images to The Berkshire Bank for deposit through the Internet. In order to use Remote Deposit Now, all you need is The Berkshire Bank Deposit scanner, a computer with Internet connection, and a business checking account with The Berkshire Bank. Simply place your checks in the scanner and it will read and transmit an electronic image to the Bank, automatically depositing the funds into your business checking account.




You can scan up to 100 checks in a single deposit! Deposits received by 4:00PM ET are processed on the same business day.




  • Save time and expenses by eliminating you or your employees' trips to the bank to make check deposits.
  • 24/7 access to your accounts and check images through
  • Reduce paperwork with secure, online storage of check images and transaction history.
  • Have peace of mind knowing your money is safely and securely deposited to your Business Checking Account.




 When you open a new business checking or savings account, our branch managers will work with you to offer a solution that is right for you and your business.




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Safe Deposit Box

Any accountholder 18 years of age or older may rent a Safe Deposit Box. Corporate accountholders may also rent a Safe Deposit Box. Both natural persons and business are required to maintain an account as a condition of box rental.  Our branches in Goshen, Harriman and Bloomberg have safe deposit boxes for your convenience.

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iTalk Telephone Banking 
The Berkshire Bank offers yet another great, timesaving banking service: Telephone Banking. Telephone Banking is as quick as a phone call, and lets you do your banking when you want, wherever you want. Best of all, The Berkshire Bank’s telephone banking is absolutely FREE.  Our telephone banking service allows you to access your account information anytime. You may:




  • Check account balances
  • Review account activity
  • Transfer funds


Call (888) 728-3925 to get started and access your accounts.




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*Rates valid as of January 17, 2020

$100 USD minimum transaction 
$2,800 USD maximum transaction  Rates are subject to change at any time and without notice.  
Rates are final only at point of sale at the branch. 
Certain restrictions and fees may apply 







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FDIC Insured
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