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Berkshire Agency, LLC
Berkshire Agency, LLC is an agent for some of highest rated title insurance companies in the country.  Our commitment is to assist you with all of your title issues; and we strive to do so professionally, promptly and accurately without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the work we provide. Our title officers possess extensive experience and our customer service is highly rated.  As a result we provide top quality personal service and assistance throughout the entire real estate/mortgage closing process. You can be sure our professional and courteous staff will give your requirements our personalized attention.

Berkshire 1031 Exchange, LLC
A 1031 Exchange is a way of deferring your taxable gain on an investment property.  Section 1031 is a section of the Internal Revenue Code, to allow anyone who meets all the requirements to sell their property and defer paying taxes on the gain. By selling your investment real estate, replacing it with like-kind investment real estate, and completing an exchange, you can defer payment of the capital gains tax normally required on these sales.

Berkshire 1031 Exchange, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Berkshire Bank, the Bank whose high quality of service and products you already know.  Your funds from the sale of your investment property will be deposited in a 1031 Savings Account at the Bank and will earn a highly competitive rate. Just call our knowledgeable exchange professionals for a complimentary consultation regarding your exchange at (212) 802-1000. 


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FDIC Insured
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